Vegan diet on a really low budget for college student?

February 13, 2012

Question by Little boy~Go veg!: Vegan diet on a really low budget for college student?
I’ve recently switched to a vegan diet and made the mistake of spending way more than I could afford on my groceries.I think I bought lots of “luxury” items like lots of boca burgers, lots of tofu, chips, salsa, cheese, lots of veggies, and lots of soy milk. I finished everything quick. I have a $ 30 dollar budget for two weeks. I used to live on just junk food before (didn’t really grocery shop to cook). But I want to be healthier! I have a few questions. I am not going back to meat and dairy products. I love animals and don’t want to contribute to their abuse so please don’t suggest that.

1. What is the difference between organic items at Wholefoods and regular at my local grocery store? Do you think the items in the bins at Wholefoods are pricey? Should I just buy the beans and rice from my local grocery store?
2. Do you think vegan cheese is too pricey for a low budget vegan?
3. What’s nutritional yeast and what do I need it for?
4. What are some STAPLE herbs and spices?
5. What’s the difference between sea salt and regular salt?
6. Is too much soy bad for you?

Also….where is the BEST place to buy meat for my dog that is NOT factory farmed?

Thank you so much in advance!! Really appreciate it since I’m a little confused about this new stuff which I know might seem obvious. Like I said never really grocery shopped before.
Thank you so much! That answers my questions. You’re a huge help!

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Answer by 静
1) There is a difference between organic and non-organic, but that difference is heavily disputed. Some say non-organic foods are damaging your body, others say it’s no different. However, organic foods definitely use much less chemicals and environmentally harmful processing. I usually go for organic caus it tastes better to me. As far as beans and rice is concerned, they probably won’t taste or feel any different. They’re rather bland foods that need some spicing up with veggies n stuff.

2) Vegan cheese is definitely too pricey. And very processed. Nutritional Yeast is a good replacement in small doses. If you’re looking to make grilled cheese….well, that’s gonna get expensive with the singles.

3) Nutritional Yeast is a single celled organism similar to bread yeast. It won’t harm you unless you’re allergic or something. It’s usually good for adding a cheesy flavor to dishes without using cheese.

4) Staples: Garlic, Salt, Canola Oil for cooking, Olive Oil for mixing, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Cinnamon, Basil, and I’m a personal fan of Rosemary and Fennel Seed.

5) Sea Salt has natural minerals found in the ocean that aren’t present in regular, processed salt.

6) There is a lot of research about too much soy. Once again, the jury is still out for this. I usually stick on the safe side and eat soy only about once a week.

btw, a real trick to eating cheap is buying the raw ingredients and cooking for yourself. If you don’t have this option, there are a lot of tasty raw food recipes out there that only require very little equipment. Also, slow cookers can work wonders, and you don’t have to be around while it’s doing its thing.

Not sure where to find meat for your dog.

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