New Herbal Supplement Offers Effective Support For Healthy Blood Pressure Without Side Effects

June 18, 2013

BIG ISLAND, HI (PRWEB) January 21, 2004

– High blood pressure is the number one silent killer of Americans but now people can effectively support healthy blood pressure without any side effects, thanks to Pharm East’s new herbal supplement, Holistrol.

According to a double blind, placebo controlled, clinical study finished in January 2003, Holistrol can effectively support healthy blood pressure with 87 percent efficacy rate. The clinical study also indicates that Holistrol can enhance energy levels and improve mood. The research presentation on Holistrol was the highlight of Inter- American Society for Hypertension conference organized by American Heart Association in 2003.

Compliance with drug treatment is difficult and undesirable for many people to get healthy blood pressure because of the side effects of many drug treatments and their requiring continuous long-term use. There are life style changes and other alternative measures people can take, such as modifying their diet to limit dairy, caffeine, and salt, and getting more exercise. Now, people can also take Holistrol to safely and effectively support healthy blood pressure without any side effects.

Holistrol is a patent pending proprietary herbal blend created by Dr. Rulin Xiu, founder of Pharm East, Inc. The ingredients in Holistrol include Holly leaf extract, hawthorn berry extract, and radish seed extract. They have been used for centuries as tea, food, and spices. They have been proven safe to use and have many health benefits. They can support more elastic blood vessel, improve blood circulation, and relax central nerve system.

“Holistrol is the only natural remedy that is clinically proven 87 percent effective for supporting healthy blood pressures. Holistrol has already helped many people get their blood pressures under control,” said Dr. Rulin Xiu. “We have been getting rave testimonials about how Holistrol has helped with their lives. I am really excited that Holistrol is finally available on the market to help more people,” she adds. Priced at $ 49.50 for a bottle with 120 capsules of 420 mg, Holistrol is now available at the company’s website or by calling toll free, 1-888-275-3570.

About Pharm East Inc.

Pharm East Inc., based in Big Island, Hawaii, is a leading developer and provider of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide. Since 1996, Pharm East Inc. has been offering patented, proprietary formulations, as well as custom formulations. In addition, the company supports clinical research to substantiate its products’ health advantages. Pharm East provides quality control at every level of harvesting and processing of the herbs for the most efficacious nutritional products.

To interview Dr. Rulin Xiu about Holistrol and Pharm East, Inc., please call her at 808-965-6333 or email her at:


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