Natural Balance Offers Sound Alternatives to Controversial Ephedra Products

June 23, 2013

(PRWEB) March 26, 2003

Castle Rock, Colorado – March 27, 2003 – Natural Balance announced today the introduction of four cutting-edge, ephedra-free formulas for its popular brands Diet Pep, Ultra Diet Pep, Turbo Charge, and Extra Strength Guarana. Although Natural Balance has enjoyed high customer satisfaction marketing ephedra-based products since 1988, rising insurance costs and declining customer confidence has led Natural Balance to withdraw from the ephedra market.

“Industry guidelines have allowed up to 90 mg of ephedrine daily in ephedra supplements,” stated Scott Smith, Vice President of Corporate Development for Natural Balance. “Our ephedra products all contained much lower levels than that. But given the current concerns over ephedra and the unfortunate incident with Orioles’ pitcher Steve Bechler, now is the time to move forward by providing our customers with new ephedra-free alternatives.”

The decision to remove ephedra from its products provided Natural Balance with the exciting opportunity to enter a promising new market for Green Tea formulas. “Green Tea extract helps dieters manage their weight by boosting their calorie-burning energy and metabolism,” stated Smith. “Its natural anti-oxidants provide significant additional health benefits, so Green Tea is the natural next step in herbal diet formulas. Sure to be a winner with retailers and consumers alike, Green Tea is now a key ingredient in both Ultra Diet Pep and Diet Pep.”

New-and-improved energy formulas for Turbo Charge and Extra Strength Guarana now pack a wallop without ephedra. “By including a powerful extract of Korean Ginseng in these new formulas, we can ensure that Turbo Charge and Extra Strength Guarana continue to provide the healthy and energizing benefits our customers are used to, all without ephedra.”

Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Natural Balance has manufactured and distributed a broad line of dietary supplements since 1983. By introducing the next generation of supplements for energy and weight control, Natural Balance once again leads the way with innovative solutions for today’s consumers. More information about Natural Balance and their new line-up of ephedra-free products can be found online at

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