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Natural Herbals for a long and healthy life.

The Incas discover the coca fantastic medicinal and magical properties 2,000 a.c., but the large industrialized nations found other

applications for the coca leaves that have nothing to do with beneficial applications for the human being.

To obtain a few grams of cocaine the evil drug, is necessary to collect a large quantity coca leaves and process it using harmful chemicals.

But you can appreciate the benefits of the coca leaves just serving as an infusion in a cup of boiling water, of course there is a commercial instant tea product available in the market.

Erythroxylon is the botanical name of the coca herbals and there is a full in deep study made by Antonio Brack Egg a Peruvian scientific biologist who devoted more than twenty years studying Peruvian native plants under the financial support of the United Nations Development Program and CBC (Centro de Estudios Reginales Andinos Bartolome de Las Casas.

Coca leaves might be useful as a natural treatment for; altitude illness, asthma, gastrointestinal ailments and motion sickness, high blood, as a fast-acting antidepressant, boost alertness, as a substitute stimulant for coffee in certain cases, and as an adjunct in programs of weight reduction and physical fitness (reduce the to anxiety of eating). In leaf form, coca does not produce toxicity or dependence. Its effects are distinct from those of cocaine (see references).

A whole extract of the leaf, include; alkaloids, natural flavors, and several nutrients vitamins A, B1, C, E, B12 potassium, magnesium Zinc copper Sodium, Phosforus, Calcium Fibre, iron.

the Andean natives like to chew today coca (chacceo) burning some coca leaves and mixing with fresh coca leaves wrapping a piece of lime forming a ball of coca leaves with the lime as the nucleo to obtain a chemical reaction together with the inner mouse fluids to support long hardworking periods without a need to eat or get tired

Of course if you arrive to Cuzco to visit the Machu Pichu ruins you

Will be invited to deserve a cup of Coca tea for free and will advice you to accept the invitation if you don’t want to suffer the altitude illness. and if you like to visit Huaraz you also will have the opportunity to try Coca Tea for free (of course if you like to try again they will charge your credit card).


Who Put the COKE in Coca-cola.

There is an excellent abstract by © 1998 by Th. Metzger

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